The Process:

DCAM Artists Painting With The Community

DCAM explores opportunities for community participation in the artistic process. The walk-up audiences over the four months of installation (hundreds, young and old) had a chance to visit and talk with the artists directly.

DCAM co-curator/artist Bill Warrell has a circle of parents who bring their children through his studio in Blagden Alley for art lessons. Ranging from ages 3-23 these art students were able to observe and meet the artists as they worked and participate in the creation of the murals. Additional assistants and community volunteers came on for surface preparation, completion, promotion, and event planning logistics. Interns were Jeffrey Williams (16) and Sydney Williams (21) who had attended the Ellington School for the Arts, and Nia Thomas (23) a recent student at Berklee College of Music. “I came in as a creative curious to begin my journey towards becoming an artist. I’m tremendously grateful for the variety of skills, techniques, and tips… as I’m sure more will come. I’ve undoubtedly been inspired to become a positive influence on this world; by learning and sharing through the language of the Arts.” said Nia Thomas, Young DCAM Artist/Musician.