Meditation (2015)

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

Spray enamel on steel gate

170” x 85”

The Washington Post reported that “Meditation,” shows a vital woman, flexing her biceps — and, presumably, her brain. Phil Hutinet of East City Art writes ”Thalhammer’s mural employs a complimentary purple and yellow palette to create one of her signature portraits. Thalhammer purposefully used a particular hue of purple which says “represents the highest chakra—the crown chakra” referring to the one of the seven spirituals centers of the human body as described by Indian philosophy.” Additionally Thalhammer explains that "when artists put positive energy into spaces they can change places in transformative way. DC Alley Museum, murals are again fighting crime by bringing visibility, awareness and foot traffic to Blagden Alley,”

The Artist:

Lisa Marie Thalhammer

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