A System Of Politics And Art (2015)

Bill Warrell

India ink, spray enamel, and spar glaze on steel gate

200” x 96”

Downtown DC 1976-91– a ghost town became a gold mine at the hands of artists — the old core struggled — but as the rest of us joined ranks our city flourished. Not to be forgotten — but to inspire with the strength of its foundation — a true system of politics and art. “I have committed my entire career to this city’s artistic wellbeing, first as a curator and now joining my fellow artists in a coalition of painters from the region, coming together in my studio to create the DC Alley Museum here in Blagden Alley — Washington, DC!” says Bill Warrell, Artist/Co-Curator DCAM. Phil Hutinet of East City Art writes, “Warrell, who owned the 9:30 Club and DC Space during the heyday of DC Hardcore is also an artist; his mural System of Politics and Art in the Alley Museum pays visual homage to many of the city’s figures who contributed to DC’s autochthonous cultural movements of the last four decades.”

The Artist:

Bill Warrell

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