Maker Of Saints Mural (2015)


Acrylic on steel gate

132” x 120”

Rozeal (formally know as iona rozeal brown) explores the theme of afro-asiatic allegory, addressing the global\ influence of african american culture. Originally from the DC area, upon returning home from studies at the Art Institute of San Francisco and Yale Universtiy, she set up her studio in Blagden Alley at the 926 N Street Rear NW building from 2005 to 2010 and became close friends with the DCAM curators while in residence. Inspired by the novel Maker of Saints by Thulani Davis, Rozeal paints the likenesses of musician Erykah Badu and actresses Lymari Nadal to create the two main female warriors hovering over a cloud of stereo speakers. The figures are accompanied by an anonymous Samurai on a horse and Yoshi on a tricycle who frequently appears in Rozeal’s artworks.

The Artist:


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