Windswept Mandala

Cita Sadeli Chelove

Spray enamel and acrylic on steel gate

168" x 120"

Cheloves’s “WINDSWEPT MANDALA” concept celebrates the legacy of key musicians and artists who have had an impact on Washington DC in the late 70’s through the early 90s, In relation to “The D.C. Space” (formerly at the corner of 7th and E st NW), one of the most important gathering places for the DC arts community between 1977 and 1992. Housing a bar, a restaurant, artist studios and a performance space, this venue welcomed everyone from the first black punk band the Bad Brains, to Laurie Anderson, to Little Benny and the Masters, to Sun Ra. The reason I chose to celebrate this venue is because Mr. Bill Worrell (who is a longtime resident of 426 N St rear, the building pictured) and his family owned and operated the venue. I also frequented D.C. Space when I was a teenager and have also spent 6 years at 926 N street as Bill’s neighbor, so I wanted to tie all of these interestingly coincidental, creative strings together.

The Artist:

Cita Sadeli Chelove

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